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Crisis VRigade Gets 3 Player Co-Op Support On PC, PSVR Coming Soon

Crisis VRigade Gets 3 Player Co-Op Support On PC, PSVR Coming Soon

Fans of Crisis VRigade no longer have to take on the game’s super hard levels on their own. Well, as long as they have a PC they don’t.

The first-person shooter just got support for co-op online multiplayer for up to three players on Steam, where it remains in Early Access. This lets you play through the game’s existing missions with friends, which will come in handy for trying to tackle the Hell Mode. Developer Sumalab also confirmed that PSVR will be getting co-op support soon.

Over on Twitter we asked the developer if the update might come to Quest, too. “We have to do an important development for Quest (performance issues) so we’ll try to resubmit the game to the official store,” a member of the team replied.

Crisis VRigade is a Time Crisis-style shooter in which players are cast as members of an elite SWAT team. Each level sees them taking out swathes of enemies, physically crouching and leaning behind nearby cover. In the game’s Hell Mode, one bullet will finish you off, and you’re against the clock too. It’s easy to see why you might want to bring a friend along for the fight, then.

We tried the game out on Quest quite recently. It’s a really enjoyable arcade shooter, which explains why it’s SideQuest’s most downloaded app.

Elsewhere Sumalab is still working on its announced sequel, Crisis VRigade 2, which may be releasing later this year.

Will you be checking out VRigade’s co-op support this weekend? Let us know in the comments below!

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