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Crisis VRigade 2 PSVR Release Date Confirmed, Quest Making 'Promising Advances'

Crisis VRigade 2 PSVR Release Date Confirmed, Quest Making 'Promising Advances'

The PSVR version of Crisis VRigade 2 will be arriving next week.

The VR shooter, which first launched on PC VR headsets in June, will touch down on Sony’s console on July 14th. Not only that, but it will include support for Sony’s rifle-shaped Aim Controller. That’s bound to drum up some interest with PSVR shooter fans. The PC version of Crisis 2 marked a huge improvement for the series on a visual front, so we’ll be interested to see if that remains true on PSVR.

The game’s in Early Access on PC, and is expected to remain there until the end of the year, so expect to see the PSVR version get plenty of updates, even if Sony doesn’t officially label PlayStation games as ‘Early Access’. This will be a worldwide release, too.

But what of Oculus Quest? The original game has proved hugely popular on the sideloading platform, SideQuest, but the bump in visuals may prove tricky for a port. “It’s early for rejoicing,” developer Sumalab’s Diego Martin said in response to a question about the port on Twitter, “but we’ve made some promising advances with Quest version.” Hopefully that means we could see it soon, even if we don’t know if the game will end up on the official Oculus Store or SideQuest once more.

Over the course of Early Access, Sumalab is looking to add more content to the game, including a cooperative multiplayer mode.

Will you be picking up Crisis VRigade 2 on PSVR? Let us know in the comments below!

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