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CoolPaintrVR Is Tilt Brush For PSVR Arriving Very Soon

CoolPaintrVR Is Tilt Brush For PSVR Arriving Very Soon

Creative VR apps like Tilt Brush and Quill are some of the most compelling experiences available on PC-based headsets, but there’s a disappointing lack of them on one of the most popular devices, PlayStation VR (PSVR). CoolPaintrVR aims to fix that.

This new app from Sngular Entertainment is arriving on Sony’s headset on May 9th. Whereas apps like Masterpiece VR and Gravity Sketch try to bring something a little different to the table, CoolPaintr looks very similar to Tilt Brush, looking to make up for the app’s absence on the platform. It allows you to make virtual, 3D paint strokes in the space around you using a motion controller, with a wide variety of options letting you fine-tune your creations.

All the tools you’d expect to get off the ground painting in VR are here, with some extra features for more advanced painters like symmetry plane and the ability to load reference images. You’ll also be able to upload creations to a USB device for use as 3D assets.

As you’d expect, the app supports the PlayStation Move motion controllers, though interestingly it can also be navigated using a DualShock 4 gamepad (though Sngular still recommends going with Move).

It will be interesting to see how CoolPaintr stacks up on PSVR given the platform’s limitations. We’d certainly welcome a good creation app on the platform, though, especially as we wait for the VR support for the promising upcoming Dreams.

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