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SDCC 2017: Watch Conan At Comic-Con In 4k 360-Degree Video

SDCC 2017: Watch Conan At Comic-Con In 4k 360-Degree Video

Conan O’Brien is no stranger to immersive media. He’s hilariously declared the purpose of VR is sex and even taken a fun trip through Job Simulator on his show. O’Brien’s love for all things nerdy is also nothing new as he returns to Comic-Con for another year and Team Coco gets to experience the pre-con show in 360-degree video.

The San Diego Comic-Con pre-show will be hosted by comedy duo Chris Redd and Moses Storm. The two will appear in beautiful 4k, 360-degree video with the help of 4 Nokio Ozo cameras. The cameras will be situated to not only show a couple perspectives for the stage, but also a couple fan interaction stations. Yesterday’s show aired at 3:30 PM PT and the rest of the Comic-Con pre-shows are scheduled as follows:

  • Friday, 7/21: 3:30 PM
  • Saturday, 7/2212 PM
  • Sunday, 7/237 PM (re-air of the Friday pre-show)

If you check out the 360 video collection on the Team Coco website, you’ll see that O’Brien and crew have been using the immersive format since all the way back in 2015. The impact of its use now is arguably higher considering the growing use of VR headsets and its good to see the continued utilization of 360-degree media for broadcasting.

In addition to the bonus 360-degree content that will be upload on the Team Coco Facebook and YouTube, viewers can also look forward to CONAN episodes featuring the casts for Lego Ninjago and Game of Thrones throughout the weekend.

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