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Watch: Guy Does A Front Flip In Boneworks, Doesn't Land On His Face

Watch: Guy Does A Front Flip In Boneworks, Doesn't Land On His Face

It’s not often we have to start a story with the preface that you shouldn’t try this at home but, trust us, you definitely shouldn’t try this at home.

Twitter user Joeah, who’s known for posting impressive (but much safer) Boneworks gameplay clips online, just posted the below video in which he uses a trampoline to front flip onto a mattress while wearing an Oculus Quest 2. Inside VR, he’s playing in Boneworks’ sandbox mode, jumping off the roof of the Tuscanny Villa and shooting an enemy just before hitting the ground.

Again, please don’t try this yourself. It’s about the most dangerous thing you could do while blindfolded.

He just about sticks the landing and pulls off a headshot. Unfortunately for Joeah, the Olympics were a few weeks ago now and it’s a little late to earn a medal. Then again, we’re not sure ‘VR Acrobatics’ is quite ready for prime time just yet.

But, seriously, doing stunts in VR is not a good idea. Not only are you likely to harm yourself and break things around you but you’ll also likely smash your headset which is not an experience you want while, y’know, wearing it. If you want to become famous for playing VR, stick to speedrunning Superhot or something.

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