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Bloodborne First-Person Mod Looks Perfect For VR

Bloodborne First-Person Mod Looks Perfect For VR

Attention all people that make mods of existing mods (mod modders?) – we need you to do something with this first-person mode for Bloodborne ASAP.

Developer Garden of Eyes released a trailer for their mod of From Software’s masterpiece this week. Bloodborne is of course a PS4 game, but this mod has apparently been pulled off with the console’s “limited” modding tools. Check it out below.

The mod shows off the game’s iconic brand of combat from a first-person view for the frist time. A pair of disembodied hands swings for attacks and the game’s ghoulish bosses get uncomfortably close.

There’s been no mention of a possible VR expansion for the mod, sadly. You would, of course, still need to play with a controller. Bloodborne, like the Dark Souls games before it, is all about judging attack animations to know precisley when to push the attack. Motion controls would effectively ruin how the game is played.

The first-person mod will be releasing shoon, so maybe we could see another modder pick up the VR angle. We’re not likely to see From Software itself make any adaptations of its Souls games anytime soon, though the developer did create a weird little story-driven PSVR exclusive named Deracine which we were quite fond of.

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