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The Biggest VR Event At E3 Will Be Upload's Massive Party

The Biggest VR Event At E3 Will Be Upload's Massive Party

Don’t let anybody ever tell you that gamers don’t know how to party.

When the outside world hears about the “Electronic Entertainment Expo” and its heavy focus on video games they might be tempted to believe that it will be full of a bunch of nerds. Well, they’re right, but these nerds know how to have a good time and the biggest single event for virtual reality nerds to get together will be UploadVR’s massive Los Angeles throw down.

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This has been a huge year of growth for Upload and it’s been an even bigger one for the VR industry itself. We can think of no better place than E3 to celebrate how far we’ve all come and so we’re pulling out all the stops on this one.

We’ve rented out the famous LA Exchange for our venue to commemorate the “year of VR” with 2000 of our closest friends. Just look at this place:

Besides all of you, the guest list is comprised of more VR influencers and personalities than you can shake a Vive controller at. Basically, if you know their name, there’s a good chance that you’ll see them at the party.

There will also be 50 VR demos for you to try, a green screen mixed reality studio to play in, motion captured DJs (his avatar will be projected on the Exchange’s iconic 200 foot LED screen), light shows, VIP tables, a VR lounge brought to you by Hulu.

Experience the Nokia OZO at the Upload E3 Party

If you’re planning on attending E3, or just happen to be a VR enthusiast, check out our Eventbrite page for tickets. If you’re a developer looking to show off your VR goodness to an army of the greatest fans in the industry, you can apply to have your demo shown.

We’ve come a long way this year, people. There’s still a long way to go, but no matter who you are, or where your from, if you love VR then you have a lot to celebrate.

It’s party time!

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