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Best Quest Racing Games: 5+ Driving And Other Picks To Play Now

Best Quest Racing Games: 5+ Driving And Other Picks To Play Now

Get behind the wheel with our list of the best Quest racing games.

The Meta Quest (formerly known as the Oculus Quest) has a lot of shooters and sports games, but one genre that’s surprisingly lacking on the platform is racing titles. Or at least they are in the traditional sense – there’s only a handful of driving games on the standalone headset, and they’re mostly arcade-driven takes, with no simulators for the Gran Turismo and Forza fans out there.

Still, that doesn’t mean they’re not worth playing. Whatsmore, VR has also seen a wealth of great non-driving racing games, so we’re including those in here too. As always, you’ll find these releases on the Oculus Store. If you’re looking for VR racing games beyond Quest, make sure to check out our other list right here.

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Best Quest Racing Games: Driving

Void Racer Extreme

There aren’t actually many traditional driving games on Quest. In fact this futuristic racer is as close as you’ll get. You speed down neon-lit tracks, hitting boost pads and defying gravity. With online multiplayer and single-player options, Void Racer offers the full Quest racing package, even if there’s room to build on it.

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Death Lap

What’s a racing game if nobody’s trying to kill each other? Death Lap answers this question with a vengeance, including a range of high-speed killing machines. It’s a little meager, with just one mode and a small number of tracks, but it should satisfy the Twisted Metal fans out there.

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Mini Motor Racing X

mini motor racing x psvr

If you were to ask us what the single best Quest racing game was right now, we’d probably have to pick this serviceable Micro Machines clone, which offers fun diorama-sized VR races. A host of modes including competitive multiplayer and even campaign co-op ensure this one ticks all the boxes and there are extra points for the control style that simulates a real remote control, too. There is also a first-person driver-seat view, should you want it. Just bring a sick bag.

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Dash Dash World

When it comes to kart racers, you have a few choices on Quest, but our pick is this fun take from developer MotionX. This has everything you’d expect – cockpit racing, multiplayer options, power-ups and even cross-platform play across different headsets. Plus it’s still getting updates to this day, including a big new 4.0 launch recently.

Best Quest Racing Games: Other

Carve Snowboarding

Trade the wheel for a board with this ace take on winter sports in VR. You have several tracks and modes here and, while none of them are technically a race, there is a time trial mode encouraging you to find the fastest route down. Carve’s controls, which treat your hands as your feet, take a bit of getting used to but, once you get the hang of them, they feel fantastic.

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Another time trial-based game, Yupitergrad is like Spider-Man… in space… with plungers. You swing down hallways in a Cosmonaut facility, avoiding deadly hazards and launching over obstacles. This is equal parts platformer and racer, but the post-launch modes include content that’s bound to test your skills against the clock.

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Rush VR

Unlike the other non-driving entries on this list, Rush actually has genuine race modes, challenging you to speed down mountains as quickly as possible in a wingsuit. It takes a lot of practice but, once you get the controls down, the game has an uplifting flow that makes it fun to tackle time and again.

And that’s our list of the best Quest racing games. What do you make of our rankings? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below!

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