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The Best Media Apps Available On The Oculus Quest

The Best Media Apps Available On The Oculus Quest

The Oculus Quest is one of the hottest VR headsets on the market right now. While there’s a great selection of games for the Quest, there’s also a bunch of media apps that are perfect for when you want to kick back and watch something in VR.

Here are the best VR media apps available on the Oculus Store for the Quest.

YouTube VR

youtube vr

YouTube VR serves two purposes — you can watch normal YouTube content in a VR environment and you can also watch a plethora of 360 video content available on YouTube as well. While 360 degree video content is technically watchable on a standard YouTube browser or mobile app, VR is definitely the best option, so get on it.

Netflix VR

oculus quest netflix vr

Netflix is probably the biggest player in the streaming game and they have a nice accompanying VR app for your Oculus Quest. Netflix VR will place you in a small cozy cabin where you can enjoy your regular selection of Netflix content on a virtual TV screen that’s probably bigger than the one you own in real life.


Bigscreen Cinema Arnold

Bigscreen is all about cinemas and social VR. Upon launching Bigscreen, you’ll be able to join a bunch of different rooms and cinemas types providing both free and paid content. Bigscreen Cinema – a service that offers paid tickets to screenings of popular movies — is one of the newer additions to the app. The movies are often shown in 3D and the selection changes weekly, with occasional special screenings such as the Valentine’s Day Titanic screening.

In addition to the official rooms, you can join rooms hosted by other Bigscreen users, which will be displaying content chosen by the host. Plus, you’re able to host your own rooms for you and your friends to join. Using a Bigscreen desktop app, you can even stream your computer display into those rooms while you hang out – it’s a versatile app, to say the least.

Skybox VR

skybox vr oculus quest media

Skybox VR is like Bigscreen but without the social element. It offers a bunch of different cinemas and environments for you to watch content in. You can load files that are stored locally on your Quest or stream content from your a DLNA server on your own network.

Oculus Venues

oculus venues seat screenshot

Oculus Venues is a Facebook app where you can watch a bunch of different events, from music concerts to sports to stand up comedy and more, as they happen live. The catch is that you have to tune in live — you won’t be able to rewatch any Venues content later. Like Bigscreen, you can watch with people around you in a social VR setting or you can opt to watch solo. We’ve had fun with venues in the past, watching some pretty high profile artists like Billie Eilish perform live. If you download the Venues app, you’ll be able see a schedule of the upcoming streamed events and their broadcast times.

Next VR

NBA VR Venues NextVR

Similar to Oculus Venues, NextVR has a bunch of live content that you can watch in VR, as if you’re really there. However, Next VR doesn’t incorporate any social elements and you’ll just be watching solo. That being said, some content is also presented in stereoscopic 3D, which really deepens the level of immersion. One of the biggest pulls of NextVR is their NBA content, with some matches allowing you to sit courtside and watch the action live in 3D!

Quill Theater

quill theatre quest

Late last year, Quill Theater released on the Oculus Quest, which allows you to view Quill content created on the Rift platform. The Quill creation tool is only available on Rift, not Quest, but allows users to make mini scenes, animations and movies. The creation tool allows creators to use some complex 6DoF animations and transitions between scenes, so there’s some great content to watch on the Quest. Quill Theater will present you with a rotating selection of creations to dive into and is definitely worth checking out if you want to see some awesome community media content that made in VR.

Those are our picks for best media apps available on the Oculus Quest? Are there any other apps you feel we should add to the list? Let us know in the comments.

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