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Beat Saber Surprise Launches New Arc & Chain Notes, OST 5 For Free

Beat Saber Surprise Launches New Arc & Chain Notes, OST 5 For Free

After a brief tease last week, Beat Saber just launched a free new update featuring new songs and new mechanics.

Today’s 1.20.0 update includes the recently-announced Official Soundtrack 5 (or OST5), which consists of six new songs that bring 36 new maps in total to the rhythm game. As the name suggests, these are new songs created specifically for Beat Saber, and don’t have any world-famous artists like the recent DLC packs. Get a look at one of the new tracks using the note types in the tweet below.

New Beat Saber Music & Mechanics Released

Included in the full tracklist is a new track from Beat Games’ Music Director, Jaroslav Beck, who has worked on much of the original music for the game. Here’s the full list:

– Schwank – $1.78
– Ewok – Curtains (All Night Long)
– Camellia – Final-Boss-Chan
– Tanger – Firestarter
– The Living Tombstone – I Wanna Be A Machine
– Jaroslav Beck feat. Meredith Bull – Magic

Also added in this update at the Arc and Chain notes. We’ve seen these teased for the past few months now; Chains are designed to present continous sounds and have you guide your blade, whilst Arcs have you hold the note in a certain position before bringing them crashing down. You’ll be able to find these new notes implemented into the new songs.

Finally, the update implements a new lighting system that features 136 lasers you utilize in the level editor.

These are some of the biggest changes we’ve seen to Beat Saber in a while and set the game up for more diverse tracks and visuals heading deeper into 2022. We’ll bring you impressions from these changes soon.

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