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Beat Saber Sells 50,000 Copies In First Week

Beat Saber Sells 50,000 Copies In First Week

If you didn’t already know, the launch of Hyperbolic Magnetism’s Star Wars-themed rhythm game, Beat Saber, went down very, very well.

Beat Saber sold 50,000 copies during launch week, the studio confirmed on Twitter over the weekend. The game launched in Early Access on both Steam and the Oculus Store, so this total likely pulls from both of those sources. Notably, it made it into the top five sellers on all of Steam in less than 24 hours after launch, so it definitely did well on that platform. According to the tweet, the game hasn’t sold past 100,000 copies just yet.

We’re not too surprised to hear of Beat Saber’s success; we loved it when it tried it out for an Early Access review. “Now with Beat Saber, we’ve finally got that in an ultra-stylish package complete with glowing laser swords, banging music, and super addictive levels that are nearly impossible to put down,” Games Editor David Jagneaux wrote.

Currently Beat Saber consists of 10 songs that the developer implemented, but there’s a lot more to come. For starters, players can now create levels based on their own audio files, though there’s not a way to properly share them online just yet. Hyperbolic Magnetism is also looking for new music from artists to integrate into the game as DLC. You can also expect a PlayStation VR (PSVR) launch for the game at some point.

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