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Beat Saber PSVR Finally Comes To Japan Next Month

Beat Saber PSVR Finally Comes To Japan Next Month

Good news, Japanese VR fans! The long wait for Beat Saber on PSVR is very nearly at an end.

The Japanese PlayStation Blog recently confirmed that Beat Games’ VR hit arrives on March 7th. There’s nearly four months after the western version debuted on November 20th 2018. No doubt the localization process and go-between with the Japanese division of Sony slowed the release down a little. A price for this version hasn’t been announced just yet.

In Beat Saber you control two wannabe lightsabers. Notes stream towards the player in time with a song and you have to slash them using motion controllers. It sounds simple but it’s devilishly addictive. “Beat Saber on PSVR is exquisite,” we said in our review. “Overall it’s a more polished, feature-packed, and expanded version of the Early Access PC title, while still retaining the core of what made it a viral sensation in the first place.”

An arcade version of the game, Beat Saber Arcade, is already running in some locations in Japan. You can also get the game on PC VR systems, but we’d bet PSVR is a much bigger platform in Japan that the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

This is just one of many milestones down for the Beat Games team. Fans are also eagerly awaiting news on the game’s first premium DLC, which is said to be dropping soon. This will be the first of three planned packs that should add around 30 new songs to the game in total. Last week we also reported that the developer is working with Subpac to help deaf fans play the game with just as much efficiency as any other player.

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