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Beat Saber Fall Out Boy Pack Announced, Tracklist Revealed

Beat Saber Fall Out Boy Pack Announced, Tracklist Revealed

A Beat Saber Fall Out Boy pack is on the way soon, and we already know the tracklist.

The new pack for the smash hit VR game was just announced on Twitter with a short video seen below. It showcased new visuals for level themes complete with some of the lighting additions made in Beat Saber’s most recent update. There’s also some pyrotechnics on display.

No date for the pack yet but the tracklist (revealed by the Fall Out Boy Twitter account) is as follows:

Thnks fr th Mmrs
This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race
I Don’t Care
My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)
Dance, Dance

That brings the pack to eight songs total. There’s the usual mix of new songs and classics in here but we’ll be the first to point out that Sugar, We’re Going Down is missing from the list and that’s basically a crime and possibly the biggest omission since I Write Sins Not Tragedies missed out on the Panic! At The Disco pack in 2019. That’s two emo anthems from 2005 missing from Beat Saber and I’m sure you’ll all join me in protest.

Anyway, this will be the first premium Beat Saber DLC pack in 2022 after developer Beat Games released another free OST update a few weeks back. Given that pack also introduced some new block types to the game, you can hopefully expect to see them utilized here, too.

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