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Beat Saber And Subpac Are Helping Deaf Fans Play The Game

Beat Saber And Subpac Are Helping Deaf Fans Play The Game

Beat Saber is arguably VR’s biggest phenomenon, taking PC VR and PSVR platforms by storm. But it’s also a game that lives and dies by its music, which helps players get in the flow. For deaf VR fans, that’s a big barrier to cross. But Beat Games and Subpac are working to break it down.

Beat Games CEO Jaroslav Beck this week posted a video outlining the partnership. Beck traveled to Ravensbourne University in London to see how Subpac and Beat Saber combined was helping deaf players get into VR. Subpac offers a backpack-like subwoofer. In Beck’s own words, it lets you feel the bass of music as if you were in a nightclub.

For Beat Saber, this sensation could be a vital way to communicate the rhythm of a son. “I feel like being in a different world,” one player in the video says.

“The main vision behind this is that, in the future and especially in the esports, with platforms like virtual reality we can simply erase all the boundaries,” Beck says. He later adds: “Me personally I will be interested if the retention will be the same. Because our retention is almost 50% of people who bought the game are playing it even after three months which is kind of crazy.” He envisions getting people in the disabled community onto the game’s leaderboards and competing in tournaments.

It would indeed be fantastic to see that happen. One of VR’s best aspects is that it can be for almost anyone. Beat Saber shouldn’t be an exception to that rule.

And, just in case you came here hoping for Beat Saber DLC news, Beck adds that news will be coming “very soon”. Stay tuned.

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