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Battlezone Is Finally Coming To Rift And Vive

Battlezone Is Finally Coming To Rift And Vive

After launching on Sony’s PlayStation VR (PSVR) all the way back in October, Rebellion’s neon tank battler, Battlezone, is finally on the way to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

While a full release date for the PC versions of the game hasn’t been announced, a limited closed beta has. It starts next week on April 19th and will give a select number of Rift and Vive owners the first chance to jump into a cockpit and start battling it out in this re-imagining of the classic arcade game. The beta will last for one week, after which fans will have to wait for a full release on Oculus Home and Steam. The game had previously been confirmed for Rift, but the Vive announcement was long-requested.

All of the features of the PSVR version will be included. That means the procedurally generated campaign and drop-in, drop-out online co-op support. On top of that the many features that Rebellion has added to the game since launch, including new modes inspired by the original game and different enemy types and weapons, are bundled in. The game will also support the Oculus Touch controllers, though no mention of HTC Vive’s wands has been made. It’s likely that the title just supports the button inputs on Touch, though. We’ve reached out to Rebellion to clairfy, and ask about possible cross-platform support.

We were big fans of Battlezone when it hit PSVR at launch, awarding the game 8/10. “Battlezone is one of the brightest shining gems in the PlayStation VR launch lineup,” Games Editor David Jagneuax wrote in his review. “There’s a ton of content here and a satisfying procedural campaign keeps things fresh and interesting. The platform is lacking multiplayer options — especially of the cooperative variety — and Battlezone offers super tight controls and immersive gameplay in a clean, attractive package that has easily become one of VR’s best titles.”

Rift and Vive owners definitely have something to look forward to, then.

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