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Sensational VR Movie BattleScar Comes To SteamVR In 2020

Sensational VR Movie BattleScar Comes To SteamVR In 2020

Last year we wrote about BattleScar, a sensational VR movie that recaptured the magic of the platform. A year on, it looks like everyone will finally get to see it for themselves.

BattleScar has been listed on SteamVR for release later on in 2020. There’s no exact date, but the Steam page says to expect it towards the end of the year. It’s not clear if the app will arrive anywhere else, though creator Atlas V has recently put other experiences like Gloomy Eyes on Quest, so fingers crossed.

Directed by Martín Allais and Nico Casavecchia and created by Atlas V in collaboration with ARTE France, 1stAveMachine, RYOT, Fauns and Kaleidoscope, Battlescar follows Lupe. Voiced by Rosario Dawson, she finds herself suddenly immersed in the 70’s New York punk scene alongside Debbie, a friend she meets in juvenile detention. Together the two set out to make a name for themselves in the scene, leading to a lot of hectic adventures.

We were big fans of BattleScar. The film is erratic and unpredictable in its delivery, fast-firing new kinds of storytelling techniques at you over the course of its 30-ish minute runtime. If you have any interest in VR filmmaking its a must-see and, even if you just like great VR content, we’d still recommend it. Check out our coverage of the film in the first episode of The VR Culture Show from last year.

Will you be checking out BattleScar when it launches on Steam later this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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