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Asgard's Wrath: How To Find And Access Major Midgard Side Locations

Asgard's Wrath: How To Find And Access Major Midgard Side Locations

Asgard’s Wrath is one of the medium’s richest action RPGs to date (read our review here), and as such, it is positively teeming with secrets and hidden quests to find.

That said, the biggest and best side quests in Asgard’s Wrath are stored away in optional dungeons, called Labyrinths. While many treasures and points of interest are hidden in plain sight, Labyrinths tend to hide away from the world for you to go out and find.

Meanwhile, for those who want to battle their hearts out, some of the toughest (and most rewarding) combat challenges in Asgard’s Wrath are served up in Arenas, where mortal challengers are invited to step up and take on Valkyrie Challenges for prizes and glory.

It isn’t immediately obvious where to look for any of these when you’re first starting out, so here’s our guide on how to find and gain access to some of the earliest major side locations in Asgard’s Wrath. Note that entering a Labyrinth for the first time usually consumes a Midgard Key. Likewise, entering a Valkyrie Challenge always costs a Hogni’s Heart, which you can replenish from the blacksmith at Aegir’s Hall.


Labyrinths are massive dungeons that span entire zones in Asgard’s Wrath, much like the main zones featured throughout the main quest arc. While some Labyrinths in later sagas are part of the main quest itself, each of the biggest Labyrinths found in the early sagas spanning across Midgard are entirely optional and tend to reward plenty of loot and unique (unbreakable) Hero equipment.

Unmarked Tomb

Asgard's Wrath Unmarked Tomb EntranceZone: Stormborn Beach

Quest: A Restless Soul

Required Hero: Ingrid

Required Followers: Astrid, Hulda

Rewards: Ingrid’s Hero shield.

How to get inside: From the Tomb of Thorketill the Patient on Stormborn Beach, immediately head up the stairs and travel through the passageway. Use Astrid’s Wind Gust ability on the windmill to open the door, and travel inside to begin the quest.

Abandoned Dungeon

Asgards Wrath Abandoned Dungeon Entrance

Zone: Borgarholt Fort

Quest: A “King’s” Ransom

Required Hero: Any

Required Followers: Astrid, Hulda

How to get inside: After you gain access to the Borgarholt Ravine, travel past the God Altar and underneath the bridge until you find a tight corridor leading off the main path and into a well-lit enclosure. Head down the stairway towards the locked door and the side quest should initiate.

The Virgin’s Labyrinth

Asgard's Wrath Virgins LabyrinthZone: Midgard Highlands

Quest: The Lady in the Labyrinth

Required Hero: Any

Required Followers: N/A

How to get inside: At the God Altar, enter god-mode and look at the large statue with two yellow eyes and a closed doorway for a mouth. Poke both yellow eyes at once and the previously closed door will now be open, initiating the quest. Head on through the now-open corridor and head up the stairs to the gate.

Forgotten Sanctum

Asgard's Wrath Forgotten SanctumZone: Great Belfry

Quest: Mysteries of Midgard: Parts I & II

Required Hero: Frodi

Required Followers: N/A

Rewards: Frodi’s Hero shield.

How to get inside: As soon as you make your way to the large round Grand Chamber door, which is on the platform directly below the zone’s God Altar (you can’t miss it), turn left down the stairs into a cylindrical room that leads down a corridor. Follow the corridor to a door, and you’ll find yourself inside of the Forgotten Sanctum.


Valkyrie Challenges that take place in Arenas where you face off against wave after wave of increasingly difficult enemies. Each session is timed, and the timer runs indefinitely until you finally die. The rewards you receive at the end are determined by your rank.


  • Thrall (2x kills)
  • Farmer (4x kills)
  • Skald (6x kills)
  • Raider (8x kills)
  • Berserker (14x kills)
  • Drengr (18x kills)
  • Godly (???)

Seaside Stronghold

Asgard's Wrath Seaside StrongholdQuest: Arena I: Seaside Stronghold

How to get inside: A fast travel point appears in the Stormlands after completion of the second saga.

Whisperwind Point

Asgard's Wrath Whisper Wind Point

Quest: Arena II: Whisperwind Point

How to get inside: A fast travel point appears in the Highlands after completion of the third saga.

Asgard’s Wrath is now available on the Oculus Rift for $40.

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