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Doom 3 VR, Freediver Dev Teases 'Big Leaps' For Next VR Projects

Doom 3 VR, Freediver Dev Teases 'Big Leaps' For Next VR Projects

VR developer Archiact is teasing “big leaps” for its next VR games as the studio rebrands on its eighth anniversary.

The studio today posted a blog recapping the past eight years of development. In that time, Archiact has worked on pretty much every major VR platform including early projects of the Gear VR in Waddle Home and Lamper VR, leading right up to PSVR-exclusive shooter, Evasion, the intriguing VR adventure, Freediver: Triton Down, and last month’s official port of Doom 3 to VR. In the same post, the studio revealed a new-look logo in the video you can see below.

Towards the end of the post, the team talks a little bit about its future. “What adventures are we guiding you to in the future?” the post reads. “What’s next? Answer: the big leap. Well, a few big leaps, if we’re being exact. Leaps into impossible galaxies, into the human body and mind, and even deep, deep beneath the surface of the waves.”

From the sounds of it the team could be working on multiple projects. The mention of one leap going ‘beneath the surface of the waves’ does suggest the team could be considering a Freediver sequel. In fact, earlier on the blog post also notes that “Of all our original titles, Freediver is the one we’re most excited to explore more in the future.”

It’s not the first time the team has said it’s wanted to make more Freediver content.

What do you think Archiact could be working on for the future? What do you want to see the team do next? Let us know in the comments below!

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