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PSVR Exclusive Arashi To Get PS4 Pro Support In New Update

PSVR Exclusive Arashi To Get PS4 Pro Support In New Update

Arashi: Castles of Sin will be getting PS4 Pro support in an upcoming update.

Developer Endeavor One confirmed as much on Twitter last week, adding that the game now looks “much better”. Expect a full list of improvements when the patch goes live, though there isn’t a date for its release just yet.

PS4 Pro support should mean that the game will have improved visuals not just on Pro consoles but for anyone playing on PS5, too. Elsewhere, Endeavor noted it’s also considering adding PS5-specific updates to the game, but this might take some time.

Either way, PS4 Pro support is good to hear; Arashi has beautiful art direction with a lot of incredible sights to take in, but it’s definitely contending with the constrained power of the PS4 in some places.

We gave Arashi a ‘Good’ rating when we reviewed it earlier this month. The game sees you infiltrate castles in Feudal Japan and overthrow warlords.

“It’s a rare VR game that gives you genuine choice in deciding how to get from A to B and, when it works, captures the slick elitism of becoming a ninja,” we said. “But it’s let down by clumsier elements, like bugs, bad enemy AI and underwhelming sword combat.”

As for other platforms, the developer indicated to us that it wants to grow the game beyond PSVR in the future, but nothing’s been announced so far.

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