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Apple Vision Pro Preorders Estimated At Almost 200,000 By Supply Chain Analyst

Apple Vision Pro Preorders Estimated At Almost 200,000 By Supply Chain Analyst

Apple Vision Pro preorders have been estimated at almost 200,000 by a prominent supply chain analyst.

Ming-Chi Kuo, who has been reporting on Apple's supply chain for more than 10 years, estimates Apple has somewhere between 160,000 to 180,000 Vision Pro preorders.

For comparison, in October Kuo claimed Meta would produce 2.5 million Quest 3 headsets by the end of 2023.

Apple Vision Pro Will Have Limited Availability At Launch
Apple will have only around 70,000 Vision Pro headsets produced by launch, according to a prominent supply chain analyst.

Kuo is basing his estimate on his previous report that Apple will have somewhere between 60,000 and 80,000 units produced by launch, set for February 2.

Less than an hour after preorders opened on Friday, delivery estimates were already pushed out to March for some storage tiers to some US states. As of today, March seems to be the estimate for all storage tiers and states.

For those who want to try out Vision Pro before ordering, in-store demos will be available from launch day on February 2.

Apple Vision Pro Deliveries Already Out To March For Some
Apple Vision Pro deliveries have already slipped into March in some states, suggesting some combination of strong demand and limited supply.

For the first month at least, demand for Vision Pro will outstrip supply. And it's possible this situation will last much longer.

Apple is sourcing Vision Pro's near-4K OLED microdisplays from Sony, and Sony can't make more than a million of them per year at most, according to reporting from The Information, The Elec, and The Financial Times. This could limit Vision Pro production to less than half a million units this year, since Apple needs two per headset.

Apple is in talks with other OLED microdisplay suppliers for future Vision headsets, The Financial Times also reported, which could expand production capacity and lower the cost. For the first generation Vision Pro however, supply will remain limited - so if demand after this initial surge remains strong, it could remain backlogged for months on end.

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