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Apple Could Use Vision Pro To Detect Mental & Physical Health Issues

Apple Could Use Vision Pro To Detect Mental & Physical Health Issues

Apple could reportedly use Vision Pro to detect health issues.

The Information's Wayne Ma cites "people with direct knowledge of the matter" as saying that Apple is discussing using the face and eye tracking sensors on Vision Pro to "measure a person’s facial expressions, using them to detect depression, anxiety, stress or post-traumatic stress disorder".

Ma's reporting suggests Apple is hiring health experts to research whether the company could connect face and eye tracking data to health-related features of the Vision Pro. To treat mental health, Vision Pro could "display images and sounds that might improve the wearer’s emotions", Ma writes. When announcing Vision Pro, Apple showed a "full space" mindfulness app that darkened most of the room to "create a moment of calm".


Apple's Mindfulness visionOS app.

Another possible feature reportedly being considered is using the eye tracking cameras to detect blood vessel swelling, which can be an early symptom of heart failure, Ma writes.

Apple has put a strong focus on fitness and health in Apple Watch. It can detect unusual heart rate, irregular rhythm, low cardio fitness, blood oxygen level, falls, and car crashes. Newer models can even capture an electrocardiogram (ECG).

In 2019, Tim Cook told CNBC that Apple's "greatest contribution to mankind" would be to health.

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