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Supply Chain Analyst Claims To Know Apple Headset Display Specs

Supply Chain Analyst Claims To Know Apple Headset Display Specs

A prominent display supply chain analyst posted the apparent size, pixel density and brightness of the OLED microdisplays in Apple's upcoming AR/VR headset.

Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, tweeted the specs today:

Most existing headset panels have an aspect ratio of roughly 9:10. A 1.41" diagonal display with a pixel density of 4000 PPI and an aspect ratio of 9:10 would have a resolution of 4156×3740.

However, if the aspect ratio is square instead it would equate to almost exactly 4000×4000.

Regardless of the exact aspect ratio, it's fair to say that if Young's specs are accurate, Apple's headset will have a resolution describable as 4K per eye.

This isn't entirely unexpected though. As far back as 2021, TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed Apple's headset will use dual 4K micro OLED displays.

In January The Information reported the headset's lenses have a field of view of 120 degrees horizontal. Given the resolution, this would equate to an average angular resolution of roughly 33 pixels per degree (PPD).

Meta Quest Pro Rumored Apple Reality Pro
Field of View 106° 120°
Lens Separation Guided Manual Automatic
Screen Type QD-LCD w/ Mini-LED Micro OLED
Pixels Per Eye 1800×1920 ~4000×4000
Average Angular Resolution <20 ~33
Price $1000 ~$3000

For comparison, Quest Pro's average angular resolution is less than 20 PPD, and the generally accepted threshold for retinal resolution is 60 PPD. Note that peak angular resolution in the center of a lens will be higher than the average, dependent on the exact distortion profile of each lens.

Young also claims the OLED microdisplay in Apple's headset is capable of more than 5000 nits of brightness. However, the pancake lenses used in recent headsets to achieve a slim form factor have very poor optical efficiency, so up to 90% of this could be lost in the lenses. That would still be a notable improvement over Quest Pro however, which has a viewed brightness of around 100 nits.

Apple's headset, now many years in development, is expected to be finally revealed during the WWDC23 keynote on Monday, which UploadVR's Ian Hamilton is attending in person. For a summary of all the rumors we've heard so far, read our roundup here:

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