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Among Us VR Reveals Map, Several Gameplay Snippets

Among Us VR Reveals Map, Several Gameplay Snippets

We haven’t seen a full trailer for the upcoming Among Us VR yet, but we have seen plenty of small gameplay snippets, and the game’s map.

The Among Us VR Twitter account has been sharing several glimpses at gameplay since the game’s reveal in December. Most of them give us quick looks at some of the game’s rooms, which have obviously been redesigned for VR.

Among Us VR Gameplay Snippets Revealed

One interesting clip, though, shows two players high-fiving, pointing towards some of the new social interactions we can expect to enjoy in the game.

Another clip shows two players waving at each other.

Perhaps most interestingly, we’ve also got a glimpse of the game’s map from a top-down perspective. This is, of course, how you’d play the traditional game. Interestingly enough this does confirm that the VR map will be practically identical to the original game, though it looks like there might be some expected reshuffling of environmental objects like crates.

What we’re yet to see is how the actual gameplay might differ in VR, and developer Schell Games hasn’t confirmed if there will be cross-play with the traditional version of the game yet. That will definitely play a deciding role on just how differently this version of the game handles.

We don’t have a release date for Among Us VR yet, but we do know the game’s coming to Quest, PSVR and PC VR.

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