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Among Us VR Gameplay Trailer, Launch Features Revealed

Among Us VR Gameplay Trailer, Launch Features Revealed

Here’s our latest look Among Us VR.

Today’s trailer, which first debuted at the Upload VR Showcase, gives us our first look at how some of the flatscreen original’s staple systems are translating to VR. Check it out below.

Among Us VR Gameplay Trailer Revealed

In the original Among Us, a group of players are tasked with making repairs to a ship, but one is secretly cast as an Imposter. The Imposter must murder all the other members of the crew without being discovered. The VR version will keep that core concept, changing it up for VR.

For starters, we see the discussion section of a match play out with voice acting, but we also get a first look at players completing certain tasks around the ship. These included scanning into areas, aligning machine parts and what looks like a game of alien whack-a-mole.

Plus there’s another look at a gruesome murder towards the end. Spoilers: it doesn’t end well for the trailer’s hero.

Elsewhere, developer Schell Games has confirmed that the game will launch with the Skeld II Map and a number of hats for avatar customization. There’s also proximity and quick chat voice options.

We still don’t have a release date for the game beyond the Holiday 2022 launch window for Quest 2 and PC VR. A PSVR 2 release has also been confirmed for when the headset launches — whenever that may be — but it’s not clear if the game is still aiming to launch on the original PSVR at this point in time.

Stay tuned to the Upload VR Showcase for yet more VR reveals and headlines today. What did you make of the Among US VR gameplay trailer? Let us know in the comments below!

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