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CES 2019: AMD Radeon VII Is The First Consumer 7nm GPU, Ships Feb 7 For $699

CES 2019: AMD Radeon VII Is The First Consumer 7nm GPU, Ships Feb 7 For $699

At CES 2019 AMD just announced the first consumer 7nm graphics card- Radeon VII. It’s slated to ship February 7th for $699.

The card’s MSRP is identical to NVIDIA’s RTX 2080, which AMD is hoping to compete with. The company showed benchmarks for games like Battlefield V and Far Cry 5 where the Radeon VII comes out ahead of its NVIDIA competitor.

The GPU is manufactured with TSMC’s new 7nm process- a first in the consumer space. In terms of specs, it features 3840 stream processors running at up to 1.8 GHz and 16GB of HBM2 VRAM with a staggering 1 TB/s memory bandwidth- more than double the RTX 2080‘s.

AMD claims this equates to around 25% improved gaming performance compared to their RX Vega 64 yet the same power consumption. For DirectX 12 and Vulkan titles, this estimate rises to 40%.

amd radeon vii gpu

Strangely, AMD didn’t state whether or not the card includes a VirtualLink port. VirtualLink is the new USB-C single cable standard for future PC VR headsets and GPUs. It’s intended to simplify the setup process of PC VR and allow laptops to easily support VR.

AMD is listed as a founding member of the standard, so we’re hoping the Radeon VII features the port. We’ve reached out to a representative of the company and will report their response.

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