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Amazon Selling Oculus Rift Roomscale Bundle With $100 Credit

Amazon Selling Oculus Rift Roomscale Bundle With $100 Credit

If you’re looking to do roomscale with the Oculus Rift then you’ll need much more than the headset itself, and Amazon is offering a great bundle to get you up to speed.

The US iteration of the online retailing giant is now offering an Oculus Roomscale Bundle for $657.99. That includes the Rift itself, the Oculus Touch controllers, and an extra sensor to add to the two that are already bundled with Rift and Touch. With two sensors Rift provides a front-facing VR experience, but turning around will cause your Touch controllers to struggle with tracking. Placing a third sensor behind you rectifies this issue, though presents its own challenge in being connected to the PC running VR. It also allows you to walk around the area of your space being tracked. The HTC Vive offers this complete setup for $799.

Purchased together this bundle offers only the slightest saving of $1.98 and it still doesn’t include a PC needed to run the kit, but there’s a much better reason to pick it up asap.

Anyone that purchases the kit between 11th – 24th June (which spans the E3 period and the week after) will get $100 in Oculus Store Credit to use on whatever they see fit. Given that both Touch and Rift already come with mountains of bundled games like Robo Recall, Lucky’s Tale, Dead and Buried, and Ripcoil, you’ll be able to build a pretty substantial list of games to play at no extra cost.

Struggling for ideas on what to pick up? We’ve outlined the 9 best VR games you can play on Rift right now.

We wouldn’t be surprised to hear this was an official promotion from Oculus that will run over E3 (we haven’t spotted the deal anywhere else yet). Oculus isn’t actually at the show itself but you can be sure that plenty of developers sporting Rift headsets will be and they’ll hopefully have plenty of reasons to convince you to go out and buy a headset of any kind. We’ll be there too to bring you all of the latest developments on the VR industry.

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