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Multiplayer VR Shooter Alvo Arrives On Quest 2 In March

Multiplayer VR Shooter Alvo Arrives On Quest 2 In March

Modern-era multiplayer shooter, Alvo, is making the journey from PSVR to Quest 2 later this month.

The game will arrive on the standalone headset on March 17 via the official Quest store. It will cost $24.99. Check out the release trailer for the new version of the game below.

Alvo Quest 2 Release Date Confirmed

Alvo first launched as a PSVR exclusive roughly a year ago now and offered a fast-paced shooter experience largely based around the headset’s rifle-shaped Aim controller. It’s closer in style to Counter-Strike and other VR shooters like Pavlov than it is Onward. In September 2021, the developer confirmed to UploadVR that it would be porting the game to Quest 2.

When we reviewed the game a year ago we said that Alvo offered a lot of fun thanks to its low learning curve and arcade-like mechanics. At the time, we noted that the game was a little light on features, but the team behind the game has added new elements to that version since launch, which will all be included in this release. This version of the game will also support dual-wielding weapons and manual reload options.

More additions to the game are also planned in the weeks and months ahead, including a four-player co-op zombie mode and cross-play between the PSVR and Quest versions.

March marks a busy time for Quest with releases like Cosmonious High and Hitchhiker also on the way. You can keep up with every VR game due this month right here. Are you going to be picking up Alvo on Quest 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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