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After The Fall Update Fixes PSVR Crashes, NPCs Getting In The Way

After The Fall Update Fixes PSVR Crashes, NPCs Getting In The Way

A big new update for Vertigo Games’ After The Fall focuses on some long-requested fixes for the VR shooter.

The update is rolling out across all platforms today and includes several key fixes. PSVR players will be happy to know that crashes on higher difficulties have been addressed, for example, and a potential exploit that let players glitch through doors has been removed.

Perhaps the most important update, though, is to do with the NPCs. Vertigo says AI players will now try and stay out of the way of the line of fire, should you be using them. That means you, Jimmy (who gets a shameless callout in the patch notes).

Elsewhere there have been some changes to things like persistence, so certain items no longer carry over to multiplayer matches, and you can even replay the game’s intro sequence at any point using a new intro floppy disc. All of this and, of course, there are other minor bug fixes and balancing tweaks.

Outside of the patch, Vertigo is also running a new event to celebrate Chinese New Year, letting you grab a new weapon skin until February 13.

We’re still yet to see the first season of content rollout for After The Fall, but Vertigo has hinted at new areas and enemies for it. We’re looking forward to more content – we thought the co-op FPS offered frantic fun when it arrived last year but needed more levels.

Are you going to check out the After The Fall update? Let us know in the comments below!

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