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MageCosmos: A Social VR Game on Meta Quest

MageCosmos: A Social VR Game on Meta Quest

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If you’ve ever wanted a plot of land with plenty of cute critters and carefully planted crops, your next adventure awaits you in MageCosmos. This free social VR game allows you to explore your personal island, play games solo or with friends, interact and form relationships with AI powered NPCs, even create your AI digital twin in this magical world.

Find multiple free avatars, including robots, dogs, and humanoids, or spend money on premium character skins. While the experience is free to play, acquiring in-game currency will help you reach goals faster. Choose from a dozen voice changers to complement your avatar, or use emojis from your wrist menu to tag and react.

Receive MageCoins by exploring, gathering supplies, and completing tasks. You can level up and get coins when you meet new characters or build on existing relationships, so being outgoing in this social world will benefit you. If you don’t want to wait to reap the rewards, buy MageStones, which hold higher value than MageCoins.

Overall, the true trick to success in MageCosmos is farming. Growing crops will help you make bread and other food, sustain your livestock, and level up repeatedly. And for every step along the way, you’ll have your own AI agent to guide you . When you feel mischievous, you can even visit friends’ islands to plunder their pet and food supplies.

When you’re not busy tending to the farm, there is a selection of mini-games that you can play solo or with your friends. Get competitive in a VR shooter or shoot some hoops on a virtual basketball court. Summon pets to join you while you scout the world around you. New content is planned for release as devs expect to update and bug fix existing experiences as well.

MageCosmos has integrated AI as an important part of the game, as the team believes AI will play an essential role in any game. In our plan, a user should be able to create, deploy and interact with an AI character in MageCosmos.

AI can be a powerful co-pilot in MageCosmos, it can play games with you, travel with you, even be part of your social activity.

Devs hope to see the MageCosmos community continue to grow while creating a sense of inclusivity and connection for all of its users. “As you put in the time and watch your island grow, help your neighbors take care of farms and pets, [...] you would feel this sense of belonging.

MageCosmos has been available on SideQuest since 2021 and can now be added to your Meta library for free through AppLab. There is a demo on Steam, but a release date for the full game hasn’t been announced. Want to know more? Follow MageCosmos on X, Facebook, and YouTube, and join the official Discord server to stay updated with new developments.

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