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E3 2019: Hammerhead Reveals Stunning New Look At VR Psychological Horror, ABE

E3 2019: Hammerhead Reveals Stunning New Look At VR Psychological Horror, ABE

UK-based Hammerhead has been away for a little while. Since releasing a PSVR version of its horror game, Syren, we haven’t seen much from the team. But the studio resurfaced at our E3 VR Showcase yesterday.

Hammerhead is now working on a ‘continuation’ of a short psychological horror named ABE. You may well remember the studio first releasing an ABE VR experience all the way back in 2016. Since then, though, it looks like the team’s work on the project has grown and spun off in multiple directions, though still very much with VR at its heart.

ABE follows an AI-powered robot with a twisted view on love. His search for acceptance leads him down a dark and twisted path, often claiming people’s lives. In its original experience, Hammerhead recreated the existing short film in VR.

For the follow-up, though, the developer is doing things a little differently. There are actually three ABE experiences on the way. The first is a location-based VR experience. It will utilize the Dimension volumetric capture studio (which is operated by Hammerhead itself in London) to deliver photorealistic human performances. No details on when or where we’ll see the experience just yet.

There’s also a full VR game on the game, which can be played on traditional screens too. Finally, there will be a follow-up to the short film itself. Again, no word on exactly when we’ll see these just yet but we’ll keep you posted.

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