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Watch: 19 Minutes Of Zero Caliber: Reloaded Co-Op Gameplay On Quest

Watch: 19 Minutes Of Zero Caliber: Reloaded Co-Op Gameplay On Quest

XREAL’s Zero Caliber: Reloaded is coming to Oculus Quest tomorrow, but we’ve got a first look at co-op gameplay right here.

Check out 19 minutes of co-op footage below. This standalone version of the game — which is an altogether different release from Zero Caliber on PC — features a full campaign with multiple levels that you can tackle either in single-player or with up to three friends in a co-op mode.

Zero Caliber: Reloaded Oculus Quest Co-Op Gameplay

In the video above we tackle two levels with two players, first fighting through the streets before clearing out the sewers below. And, yes, the sewer level does start with you standing knee-deep in, uh, sludge. It’s a new experience for VR, to say the least.

Another big feature for Zero Caliber is its weapon feel and customization – there are tons of unique rifles, SMGs and more in the game that can then be fitted with grips, sights and more. You unlock new upgrades by buying them with cash earned through playing along with a leveling system. It’s one of the most unique features of the PC game and it’s made the transition to Quest quite well.

We’ll have a full review of the game tomorrow but I will say our initial impressions (based on the first third or so of the campaign) are quite positive, even if the game has its fair share of issues like bugs you might spot in the video above. Still, if you’re a modern shooter fan that doesn’t want to play the PvP modes in Onward, Pavlov or Contractors, make sure to check back for our full verdict tomorrow.

Zero Caliber: Reloaded launches on Oculus Quest 1 and 2 on May 13th.

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