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Here's 2 Minutes Of Zero Caliber Oculus Quest Gameplay

Here's 2 Minutes Of Zero Caliber Oculus Quest Gameplay

Here’s another fresh look at the upcoming Oculus Quest version of VR first-person shooter (FPS), Zero Caliber.

On Saturday, developer XREAL posted over two minutes of footage from the title on Twitter. Zero Caliber is coming to Quest as Zero Caliber: Reloaded, an adapted version of the game that takes a lot of core elements and tweaks them to fit on the standalone headset. The game won’t have cross-play with PC VR headsets as a result, but will still retain a full campaign with up to four-play co-op. That’s what you can see in action in the clip below.

New Zero Caliber Oculus Quest Gameplay

This is our best look at Reloaded yet, with mostly uninterrupted gameplay. It shows some of the more modular elements of the gunplay at work – players are able to knock magazines out of theor gun as they reload and then quickly flick pins to get back into the action. A shotgun is fitted with a laser sight, whilst other weapons have red dot sights. Customizing weapons to your liking is a big part of the experience.

Overall it’s looking pretty solid. There’s an expected dip in visual fidelity from PC but, if that’s the price to bring a full co-op campaign to Quest, we’re guessing a lot of people would pay it.

As the tweet says, Zero Caliber is just “weeks” away from releasing, and we’ll get another trailer and more details before launch, so keep an eye out. Elsewhere, XREAL is still working on a PSVR port of the main game and is publishing another upcoming VR shooter, Gambit.

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