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Wolves In The Walls And Age Of Sail Win 2019 Emmys

Wolves In The Walls And Age Of Sail Win 2019 Emmys

Wolves in the Walls from Fable and Age of Sail from Google won Emmy awards this year, according to the Television Academy.

Wolves in the Walls tells the story of Lucy, a character its creators see as a fully realized virtual being who addresses you directly and interacts with you as a visitor in her world. The VR project based on the work of Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean won in the category of Outstanding Innovation In Interactive Media.

“Sometimes when you are exploring in the dark it’s comforting to know that others are not too far away, hands outstretched, searching alongside you,” said Wolves co-creator Pete Billington, in a prepared statement. “We are humbled and grateful for the encouragement and recognition.”

The award names Billington, Jessica Yaffa Shamash (Creative Producer and Creator) and Edward Saatchi (Executive Producer) alongside Fable Studio and Facebook. It is available for free on Rift through Facebook’s Oculus store.

Age of Sail is a gorgeous VR short from YouTube, Google Spotlight Stories, and Boathouse Studios. It won Outstanding Individual Achievement In Animation with Céline Desrumaux (Production Designer), Bruno Mangyoku (Character Designer) and Jasmin Lai (Color) named in the award.

Fable Studio is co-founded by members of the groundbreaking Oculus Story Studio team and they are developing a Part 2 for Wolves In The Walls we should be able to preview later this year. Fable seems to be a studio at the forefront of interaction development in VR and we are looking forward to seeing what they do to further develop ways of interacting with simulated characters like Lucy.


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