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Watch: New Video Shows Mark Zuckerberg Using Project Cambria

Watch: New Video Shows Mark Zuckerberg Using Project Cambria

A new video posted by Mark Zuckerberg shows the Meta CEO using the company’s new Project Cambria headset.

Well, sort of.

Cambria (which is a codename for the device) was first announced at Connect in late 2021, and is intended for release later this year as a high-end headset for work use. But Meta still hasn’t fully revealed the device’s final design outside of an early, obscured render. To that end, the video below blurs out the actual headset from any camera shots, even when it’s on Zuckerberg’s head. Check it out below.

Mark Zuckerberg Demos Project Cambria

The video isn’t focused on specs or release dates for Cambria — there’s no price or launch date reveal — but it does show the headset’s mixed reality capabilities in close detail. One of Cambria’s big upgrades over the consumer-focused Quest 2 headset is the use of high-resolution color cameras for passthrough. This delivers a much more accurate version of the real world inside VR.

As a showcase, Meta is releasing an app called The World Beyond that will release on Quest 2 next week via App Lab, but you can also see it in this video. It’s designed to make use of a bunch of mixed reality features, as well as hand tracking.

Cambria will also feature improved ergonomics and sensors as well as face and eye tracking, but those details weren’t really touched on in today’s video. No doubt we’ll learn more about them as we move closer to the headset’s release later this year.

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