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Here's The First Trailer For Dan Carlin's Historic VR App, War Remains

Here's The First Trailer For Dan Carlin's Historic VR App, War Remains

One of the VR highlights for VR at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival will undoubtedly be War Remains. This historical VR app is presented by Dan Carlin, best known for the Hardcore History podcast. Ahead of its debut at the festival, though, we have the first trailer for it.

War Remains takes viewers into the trenches in the First World War. They explore a virtual rendition of the trenches that’s mapped to a physical set in the real world. The piece uses floor rumblers, haptics and other features to really root viewers in the experience. The trailer touches on a more personal side of the experience, with a soldier reading a letter to be sent home to his daughter. Visually the piece looks like it could offer the visceral trench experience that VR has been lacking thus far.

Following its debut at Tribeca next week the piece will also be on display in Austin over the summer. More details about the experience at expected to be announced in the coming months.

“I’ve always said that places like the Western Front at their worst were inconceivable to those who hadn’t seen them firsthand, but one of the valuable parts of this experience is it uses the latest technology and techniques to make it easier to imagine,” Carlin said in a prepared statement. “In that sense I hope it’s an empathy-enhancement tool. It takes things one step further than film or television or video games have been able to do.”

The piece is directed by Brandon Oldenburg and produced by MWM Immersive with development by Flight School Studio and audio design by Skywalker Sound. Hopefully we’ll see it launch elsewhere too.

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