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Walkabout Mini Golf Freezes Quest 1 Support This July

Walkabout Mini Golf

Walkabout Mini Golf is moving to end Quest 1 support due to Meta platform changes, but a "frozen" build may keep it playable on Meta's older headset to some degree.

Walkabout Mini Golf is joining a growing list of games dropping support for the original Quest headset, including Synth Riders, VRChat and Myst. Like many developers, Mighty Coconut cites Meta's decision to end Quest 1 support this year as the reason.

Detailing this decision on its website, the team states it devoted resources to keeping the original Quest version playable "for as long as we technically were allowed." However, the v51 update means "there's only so much we can do on our side before we're forced out."

Elaborating further, the team explained Quest 1 players can continue playing a "frozen build" of Walkabout Mini Golf, which won't receive new courses or further updates. Multiplayer support will continue, though the team can't promise for how long after July 2023.

After this sunset date, we cannot assure the functionality or availability of all features within the Quest 1 version. We are planning to keep multiplayer working on Quest 1 for as long as we can, but after November 2023 multiplayer functionality may be limited or non-functional due to versioning requirements for our multiplayer servers.

Mighty Coconut offers some suggestions for fans of the popular mini golf game, reaffirming that your progress should seamlessly transfer if you upgrade to a Quest 2 or Quest Pro headset. If you've got a gaming PC, the Quest 1 should still work to play the PC VR edition through a Link cable. Otherwise, Walkabout Mini Golf is also available on Pico, Viveport and PSVR 2.

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