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Vuze Is A 360 3D Camera Designed To Bring Quality VR Video To Anyone, Now Shipping

Vuze Is A 360 3D Camera Designed To Bring Quality VR Video To Anyone, Now Shipping

Plenty of companies are making 360 degree cameras, but many of these are aimed at the professional market, especially those that also support 3D capture. Vuze from Humaneyes is a camera looking to change that.

Launched at the 2017 South by South West (SXSW) festival today, Vuze features eight full HD cameras that can capture up to 4K resolution, with four microphones that capture positional audio. It captures up to two hours of video on a single charge. If you want to see what the kit is really capable of, then check out Humaneyes’ online showroom, with a host of videos shot with the device. The picture quality looks pretty good, and we can’t notice any stitching, at least in these static videos.

You can use your phone to control the camera via an iOS and Android app. Captured content can be uploaded directly to supported platforms like YouTube and Facebook. The kit is available to order now from an official website, though take note that the software to make it compatible with Mac devices won’t arrive until summer. Windows users can get stuck in, though. Shipping starts in April.

Humaneyes hopes the camera is accessible for the ‘prosumer’ market, though Vuze is priced at $799/€995. True, that’s a low price for a 360 3D kit, but still expensive for consumers in general, especially with cheaper, non-3D cameras like Samsung’s Gear 360 already out there. Humaneyes believes those devices don’t provide the kind of quality that some are looking for, however. Whether there’s an appetite for this level of product right now remains to be seen.

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