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VRKiwi Releases First-Person VR Platformer ‘Stilt’

VRKiwi Releases First-Person VR Platformer ‘Stilt’

This sponsored post was produced by UploadVR in partnership with VRKiwi.

Hop into the world of Stilt, a fantastical VR platformer that puts you in the shoes of a little furball with two arms. Want to know the secret to success? It’s mastering your stilts, which allows you to overcome obstacles and parkour your way throughout the map. Similar to other virtual reality platformers like Gorilla Tag, you won’t rely on teleportation or controller thumbstick. The locomotion aims to be intuitive - simply move your arms and hands to run and jump around.

To set the stage, you’re just a small, but powerful, furball, casually flying around and delivering gift packages in your spaceship. Suddenly, you’re accosted by a larger-than-life octopus that pops out of a volcano looking for a fight. And just like that, your shipment ends up all over the place, forcing you to find your stolen spaceship and its precious cargo before it’s lost forever.

Along the way, solve puzzles while making your way up to the top of the volcano, trying to beat your best times with every attempt. Be on the lookout for powerups, which are sprinkled throughout the experience and will give you a leg up during the adventure. Powerups can be mixed and matched to create different weapons and combat advantages.

Play solo or with friends by taking advantage of the growing community waiting for you in the Sky Castle lobby. And don’t forget to check out the four different game modes:

  • Smack-em-all lets you battle against an arena of other players, spawning with a fireball powerup. 
  • Balloon Hunt helps you hone your aim by popping as many balloons as possible and conquering the leaderboard. 
  • Area Bash pits you against other Stilters while you all struggle to stay within the ever-shifting map’s boundaries. 
  • Electric Tag will shock you if you’re not careful in what the developers call the ultimate in-game test of survival.

Interested in learning more about Stilt or new developments from the VRKiwi team? Follow them on TikTok and YouTube and join the official Stilt Discord server. Check out the free demo or purchase the full release of Stilt for Meta Quest, Steam, and PSVR2 today!

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