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Volkswagen Teams With Vive For VR Training and Collaboration Rollout

Volkswagen Teams With Vive For VR Training and Collaboration Rollout

Volkswagen Group is one of the first companies in the world to fully commit to training employees in VR.

The car maker this week announced that it is deploying VR training with the HTC Vive headset across its global operations. This makes the company the first car manufacturer in the world to fully embrace the technology in this way.

Training consists of Volkswagen’s very own VR app made with the Innoactive platform, a new SDK that allows companies to build apps with multi-user collaboration in mind. It allows users from across the globe to gather online and then collaborate together. Users will be able to train in the actual making of cars, carrying out tasks using the Vive’s wands as if they were a set of tools. The group is also looking at using AR tech for future training too.

It won’t just be about training, either; Volkswagen plans to use the app to simulate and plan production facilities as well as host meetings that would usually require global transportation. VR’s bringing about an end to all of those inconveniences.

Take a look at the app in action below. The company is showcasing the app at Digitally in Cologne this week.

Volkswagen isn’t alone in using VR for training. Earlier this year we found out that Walmart is also using VR headsets for situational training at its stores. It looks like companies are finally getting serious about the advantages VR will have for them.


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