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HTC Vive Will 'Unveil Game-Changing VR Headsets' At ViveCon

HTC Vive Will 'Unveil Game-Changing VR Headsets' At ViveCon

The website for HTC’s upcoming ViveCon event claims the company will reveal “game-changing VR headsets” during next month’s show.

Announced earlier in April, ViveCon is a free two-day event running on May 11th and 12th. The company already promised news for the show, and a recent tease suggested we’ll see a new headset revealed too. Over on the event’s official website (thanks to Nikolai Dragnes for the tip), the company asks viewers to “Take a front-row seat at the VR event of the year as HTC VIVE unveils game-changing VR headsets, software, and platforms to take your experience to another level.”

New VR Headsets Coming At ViveCon

htc tease headset

That confirms we’ll be seeing a new VR headset during next month’s show, but it also leaves it open for more than one reveal too. Earlier this year we reported that HTC is planning to release another standalone VR headset in 2021. That’s something that’s likely to be aimed at enterprise customers if it releases in western markets.

If HTC is planning to talk about another device, could it be the Project Proton concept headset it first spoke about last year? The ultra-light device was introduced with several possible form factors, such as connecting to external devices via 5G or plugging into a smartphone. The company did predict to UploadVR that 2021 would see the rise of the all-in-two headset.

What do you think HTC will reveal at ViveCon? Are you going to be watching the show? Let us know in the comments below!

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