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VENTA X & ReacttotheK Collaborate For Girls In Wonderland Reaction Video

VENTA X & ReacttotheK Collaborate For Girls In Wonderland Reaction Video

This sponsored post was produced by UploadVR in partnership with VENTA VR.

Are you a fan of K-POP and can’t get enough? VENTA X has created nearly 100 K-POP VR experiences, including the recent release of Girls In Wonderland, featuring the artists Oh My Girl and Lee Chae-yeon. This week, VENTA X collaborated with the K-POP-centric YouTube channel ReacttotheK and got honest feedback about the VR concert experience.

ReacttotheK has over 800,000 followers and is well-known amongst fans for its weekly K-POP video reactions from students and alumni at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York. This time, however, they would watch the concert in a whole new way.

A group of classical musicians from the New York Conservatory of Music were offered the unique opportunity to watch the K-POP VR concert, some using 8K 3D virtual reality for the first time. The music students, who are familiar with evaluating K-POP music, could compare and contrast what it’s like to view K-POP artists on a 2D screen versus immersing themselves in a 3D VR experience.

The students sang and danced with Oh My Girl and Lee Chae-yeon while exploring Girls In Wonderland. Henry, a vocalist, said, “It looks like they’re literally right in front of me,” and Kevin, a pianist, exclaimed, “Why is she striking me?” reacting as though he’d actually been hit during the choreography. Similarly, Taya, who is also a pianist, felt so immersed during the VR performance that she had to sit back and take a deep breath once she removed her headset.

In addition to Girls In Wonderland, the musicians were invited to watch The Curse of the Spider, another of VENTA X’s K-POP VR concerts released earlier in 2023. They also had the opportunity to immerse themselves in VR performances from groups like ATEEZ and Dreamcatcher on SBS M’s music program, THE SHOW.

After watching, the students discussed the future of the concert industry together, astonished by the concept, expressing their excitement about the potential transformation of the concert landscape. Saffion highlighted the growing trend of K-POP fans transitioning into VR users and how it allows them to enjoy the genre to a greater extent.

VENTA X aims to serve as a global bridge connecting VR users and K-POP enthusiasts alike. Head to the Meta or Pico platforms to download the VENTA X app and watch Girls In Wonderland and other releases. Stay in the loop about upcoming K-POP VR concerts by following VENTA X on X, TikTok, and YouTube.

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