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Learn Computer Science Fundamentals In VR With VCoder Hero

Learn Computer Science Fundamentals In VR With VCoder Hero

vCoder Hero is a new VR game that aims to teach users the fundamentals of computer science and coding through interactive virtual reality elements.

Developed by Beach Day Studios, we debuted a trailer for vCoder Hero in our Holiday VR Showcase, which shows off some of the core gameplay and the environmental interactions that will teach you the fundamentals of computer science. The trailer shows the user interacting with some logic blocks that represent certain actions, and seemingly allow you to build small logical commands that operate within the beach environment of the game.

A Medium post from last year, written by the developers, explains the gameplay a bit further:

On the left hand, players have a coding ray that they can use to extrapolate an object’s code. Once the player extrapolates the code, the player can open their coding block inventory and commence with manipulating the object’s code.

Relatively little else is known of the game at the moment – the release date is only listed as “coming soon” in the trailer and we don’t have any confirmed VR platforms, although we can assume it will likely launch with PC VR support.

The vCoder Hero trailer was just one of many reveals and new footage we debuted in our Holiday VR Showcase earlier today. Be sure to catch the full video if you haven’t already, or check out some of the highlights. We went behind-the-scenes on the upcoming shooter Solaris from the developers of Firewall, debuted footage of Oculus Quest version of Ghost Giant, and got a first look at the upcoming Pistol Whip update, including a new level called ‘High Priestess’, among much more.

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