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VAIL VR Shares Community Driven Roadmap For 2023

VAIL VR Shares Community Driven Roadmap For 2023

Since the launch of the VAIL Alpha, AEXLAB has developed VAIL VR using the collective intelligence of its players. With VAIL VR’s community providing input every step of the way, bug hunts have helped ready the game for mainstream play. With the launch of the Early Access version of VAIL to the wider public, AEXLAB is looking to new players to help shape the future of VAIL VR.

Over the course of 2023, the aim is to expand the player base and grow the unique in-game social hubs designed to make VAIL VR different from its competition. The player’s lobby has been reimagined as a social space where players can customize the aesthetics, have friends over, test out weapons at the range and just generally interact between the intensive matches. VR social spaces have the potential to turn a clan into a properly interactive and immersive party.

Social hubs in VAIL VR currently include activities like chess and hockey, and you can even draw with your friends. There’s more to come with plans in place to add mini golf, esports watch party rooms, club rooms, and a town hall with activations from VR brands. The plan is to create a VR space where you can make friends before going head-to-head in combat.

AEXLAB is looking to open up the door to user-generated content through a library of assets players can use to create one-of-a-kind spaces and activities. The tools should allow players to customize skins, homes, and social lobbies so that players can express themselves. Developers plan to continue working with the community, evolving VAIL VR as a place where ideas and requests are acted upon. The long-term vision is to blur the lines between casual and competitive play for as many players as possible, to create a space that feels like home to any kind of player..

You can join VAIL VR as the developers work together with the community on more modes, levels, weapons, mini-games, and customization options in 2023.

To join the discussion and hang with the team, join their Discord.

Developers also plan to eventually release the game on Quest, Pico and PSVR.

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