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VAIL VR 1.0 Launches for Meta Quest and Steam VR on February 15th

VAIL VR 1.0 Launches for Meta Quest and Steam VR on February 15th

This sponsored post was produced by UploadVR in partnership with AEXLAB.

It’s been quite the journey since VAIL VR was first released in early access, and AEXLAB has finally announced a comprehensive update to the game, launching today, February 15th, 2024. The multiplayer virtual reality shooter, set in futuristic Earth, will now see an expansion of the gameplay, content, and overall player experience. 

The VAIL VR 1.0 update is available to players on the Meta Quest and Steam VR platforms for $29.99. Players can expect more of the strategic teamplay and immersive battles they’re used to from the FPS, with new changes across the board. So, what makes the VAIL 1.0 update stand out?

The game totes an arsenal of weapons, from frag grenades to a Kanto-style knife. Each weapon is created to interact with its environment as a full-physics object. For example, if a gun in-game has recoil, the impact can be mitigated through in-world geometry, like propping yourself up against a desk to make the shot. 

Four new firearms will be added to the armory: an M2 Rifled Shotgun, an STF12 Shotgun, a Desert Eagle, and a Vityaz (AK-style SMG), as well as a brand-new ammo pouch.

Did you know that one of AEXLAB’s technical artists is also an optics expert? The technical artist’s familiarity with these weapons and attention to the little things means VAIL's in-game scopes attempt to simulate real-world physics from their optics experience. Details include lens distortion, subtle iridescence, multicolor lens coating, and front sight post-ghosting.

There is an in-game history behind the general gameplay of VAIL VR, and that lore permeates every part of the game. Future Earth is divided between two groups - the Colonists and the REYAB Corporation - who consistently fight to rule the dystopian world. This conflict allows for immersive battles and player-driven competition, rewarding strategy, skill, and teamwork.

Crossplay is enabled, meaning players can brawl beside each other regardless of their platform. One of the many additions to VAIL is the Quickplay matchmaking, which allows players to join games without delay. The new progression system has 1000 levels that reward players with guns, sights, emblems, character skins, and in-game currency as they play toward level 50. 

Competition is a big part of VAIL VR, and there are daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboards to show off, as well as a competitive scene if battling with buddies is too easy. Do you prefer a more low-key VAIL game? Players can also hang out with friends, check out unique cosmetics, and chill out inside the Shuttle between games. 

Two new maps, Void and Atmos, will be available at launch, with more maps planned. Void is an ethereal battleground, while Atmos is a futuristic training facility for the new generation of REYAB Corporation soldiers.

You can play The VAIL VR 1.0 update on Meta Quest and Steam VR today! 

If you want to learn more from VAIL VR or AEXLAB, follow them on Facebook, X, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, and TikTok. Remember to join their Discord server, as well, to be one of the first to hear about upcoming events and developments. Read up on the VAIL VR 1.0 patch notes here.

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