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Upload VR Showcase Summer 2022 Airs This June!

Upload VR Showcase Summer 2022 Airs This June!

Hello there!

Well, now that the other VR showcase is out of the way, it seems like a good time to talk about what’s next. Today, we’re confirming that the Upload VR Showcase will return in June for our traditional summer show.

Never seen an Upload VR Showcase before? They’re really quite good; we announce new games across the broad spectrum of headsets as well as take deeper looks at some of your most anticipated titles. This will be our fourth summer show (!) and seventh overall. At our last show in December 2021 we announced Cities: VR, revealed a brand new look at Vertigo 2 and confirmed the release window for Moss Book 2. There’s some great stuff in the works for our summer return!

We don’t have a final day for the show just yet but rest assured it’ll be in early June alongside whatever other madness the games industry has planned for this summer.

But what if you don’t just want to watch the showcase? What if you want to take part in it? Do you have an awesome-looking game that’s dressed to impress and ready for the spotlight? Get in contact! Reach out to with potential submissions. We can’t guarantee we’ll be able to include every title but if you send in some clips or images of your game to give us an idea of what it’s about, that’ll certainly help.

And that’s about it for now. We’ll have many more details about this summer’s show as we approach June. See you then!

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