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The Upload VR Showcase: Summer Edition Moves To June 16, 9am PT

The Upload VR Showcase: Summer Edition Moves To June 16, 9am PT

We’ve got an important update regarding the Upload VR Showcase: Summer Edition to share with you today.

We are moving the event to June 16th 9am PT, with our pre-show kicking off at 8:30am PT.

I know this will come as disappointing news to some of you and it is not a decision we made lightly. We know VR is a joy and an escape to so many out there and many of our fans are as excited as we are to see the new VR games on the horizon. But this is a historic moment of significance for many countries around the world and it is clear to us that other voices need to be heard at this time.


The showcase is still set to air on IGN’s Summer of Gaming, Bigscreen and the Summer Games Fest events and we’re very grateful for their continued support. We’re still looking forward to sharing the first reveal of gameplay from Resolution Games’ Blaston, the first gameplay from First Contact Entertainment’s Solaris: Offworld Combat and the brand new game from Fast Travel Games along with much, much more.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on June 16th at 9am PT. If you want yet more reveals, be here at 8:30am PT where we’ll be in our virtual studio to give you the rundown. Plus, join us afterwards for our post-show and a steady stream of interviews from our Showcase developers this year!


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