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Unity Hosting PSVR 2 Development Talk At GDC This Week

Unity Hosting PSVR 2 Development Talk At GDC This Week

Engine maker Unity will be holding a talk about making titles for Sony’s PSVR 2 headset this week.

The company will host the session, titled ‘Building Next-Gen Games for PlayStation VR2 with Unity‘ at the event in San Francisco on Thursday March 24. The talk promises to explore PSVR 2’s “improved graphics performance and cutting-edge hardware”. The session will also include other VR headset advice but is largely specific to Sony’s upcoming headset.

Unity PSVR 2 Talk Revealed

This talk’s reveal raises questions as to if Sony will give us a better look at PSVR 2 itself over the course of GDC week. The company has already revealed the headset’s specs and design, along with its first official game, but we’re still yet to see a dedicated presentation for the new device that includes reveals of yet more games as well information on pricing and release window.

With that said, GDC is a developer-focused event and Sony may instead be using the show to simply showcase the headset to studios behind closed doors. Nothing about the event listing suggests Sony itself is involved in any official capacity. If we do hear anything new about the device then we’ll of course bring you those updates as soon as we get them.

Despite Sony showing off new details about PSVR 2 on two separate occasions so far this year, there’s speculation that the ongoing component shortage — which has led PS5 sales to fall behind those of the PS4 — could push the device into 2023.

Are you hoping we see more of PSVR 2 this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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