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Twilight Path Is A New VR Adventure From The Makers Of Form

Twilight Path Is A New VR Adventure From The Makers Of Form

2017’s Form is one of VR’s very best experiences, offering surreal puzzles with sights and sounds that would often amaze. We’re still expecting it to come to more VR platforms but, today, developer Charm Games is announcing its next project, Twilight Path.

Due for release in Summer 2018 on Rift and Vive, Twilight Path is a fantasy adventure game in which players find themselves in a mysterious spirit world found somewhere between our world and the afterlife. As you set about exploring this fantastical land you’ll solve puzzles and rescue magical creatures to open sealed passageways, restore the Well of Souls and eventually escape.

There won’t be any timers, deaths or uncomfortable movement options; the entire game is designed to be as accessible as possible and won’t require any room-scale dimensions, just as with Form.

Check out the first trailer below for a first look at the world, though it doesn’t give away too much. While it looks like a big departure from Form on a visual scale, Charm Games co-founder Alan Jernigan noted that it “stays true to the core gameplay” of the studio’s last title.

“Our main goal with gameplay is to carefully craft satisfying VR puzzles that unlock a path through a gorgeous and vibrant world – just as we did in FORM,” Jernigan said.

If it’s anything like the team’s previous title then Twilight Path will be well worth checking out. As for Form itself, no word on the game’s anticipated PSVR port just yet.

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