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Update: Impressive VR Animation Software 'Tvori' Now Available [Exclusive Mixed Reality Video]

Update: Impressive VR Animation Software 'Tvori' Now Available [Exclusive Mixed Reality Video]

Update: The developers  of Tvori accidentally published on Steam as a regular release rather than early access. The software is still in early development and not a complete fully functional product just yet.


The impressive Tvori VR animation software we exclusively tried last month is now available on Steam for $40.

The software is centered around a table, and the area around it, that becomes the stage for an animated movie. Pull props, vehicles and backdrops from drawers and place them in the scene. Start recording and puppet one of the objects as if it was a children’s toy. Then play back those movements to start animating the scene in a completely intuitive way, layering in additional prop or vehicle movements with successive playthroughs. The software includes a handheld virtual camera to essentially record an animated movie of the whole production. There’s also a teleportation feature so you can make your way around the scene quickly.

Az Balabanian, a mixed reality producer and all-around wizard here at Upload, jumped into the studio we built in San Francisco to quickly film a 4-minute video giving a rough overview of how the software works.

We also recently tried Mindshow from Los Angeles-based Visionary VR, which approaches using VR for animation from a different direction. The app allows people to embody avatars and animate the characters in a virtual scene. It’s a very difficult thing to pull off, and something the developers of Tvori apparently experimented with minus full bodies.

Both pieces of software are very early in development and it’s unclear what practical applications they might be used for in their current states. Essentially, though, both Tvori and Mindshow are heading toward the same goal: Make storytelling easier through intuitive VR software. We’re very excited to see where the developers — and users — take these creation platforms next.

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