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Treehouse Leaps Into VR

Treehouse is a company that provides 12 month, intensive courses for those aspiring to join the technology sector. Its current programs include JavaScript, Python, iOS, and Android development. Now, the organization has announced that it will be providing a course in virtual reality development.

According to Treehouse:

Treehouse, the online coding school, is today introducing VR Techdegree, a first of its kind online certification aimed at aspiring virtual reality developers…The VR Techdegree will be available in January 2017 and will include a curriculum of courses, real-world virtual reality app projects, project code review, peer-to-peer support through Slack, and a final proctored exam. Upon successful completion, students will receive a verified certificate and 4 real-world projects which will demonstrate knowledge and skills to potential employers.”

This program is specifically designed for “those who are looking to make a career out of technology,” and should therefore be considered for those interested in turning an interest in VR/AR development into a career. It will likely be a bit too intense for the causal enthusiast.

Ryan Carson, Treehouse founder and CEO said in a statement that, “Our mission is to help people change their lives by getting the certification they need to get a great job in the tech industry. VR is going to play a massive role in business in the future, driving a huge number of VR development jobs. We wanted to be the first school to offer a highly effective online credential to prepare people for these exciting new jobs.”

Treehouse’s Techdegree program has only been around since May of this year. It was founded in 2011 by Ryan Carson, a computer science graduate from Colorado State University, after selling his inaugural startup: Carsonified.

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